I took an old nylon string guitar and removed the top finish and sanded and scoured it and I applied a layer of Gesso primer on it that I used as the basis to make a painting on. Then I made a fantasy drawing and painted that using acrylic paint. After that I applied acrylic varnish on the painting and painted the back, sides and neck purple. I also made a gold paint motif on the back. If you are interested in something like this or any other art painting on your guitar, you can contact me via ronlindeman@gmail.com.

Ron Lindeman is a Singer songwriter who writes and performs his own original songs.

Ron Lindeman is een Singer songwriter die zijn eigen originele songs schrijft en vertolkt.

Ron Lindeman


Performing artist.

Organizer of Music Events.

Artist painter.


Podium artiest.

Organisator van muziek events.


Thanks to mr. and mrs. Ross and Johanna Kaan from New Zealand, currently residing in the UK, Ron Lindeman has been able to produce his own songs on a CD.

He wanted to create a CD with his own songs complemented with orchestral arrangements.

Ron likes all sorts of different instruments like violins, cello, contrabas, brass - and wood wind instruments such as the oboe, trumpet, clarinet and so forth, percussion, grand piano, keyboard, synthesizer, etc.

He started working with music arranger and sound engineer Ferry Dinkelaar in the Mediasaloon Recording Studio at Zeewolde in The Netherlands.

The recordings took from January till April 2014.

After they were finished the mixed tracks were mastered by mastering engineer Darius van Helfteren of Amsterdam Mastering at Diemen in The Netherlands.

The CD is produced and distributed by Purple Melody Productions.

The CD is distributed via various international internet downloadsites such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, and many more.

The CD will also be available ( by the end of June 2014) as a physical CD.

General info:

All music and song lyrics by Ron Lindeman

All music arrangements by Ferry Dinkelaar

Recorded in 2014 at the Mediasaloon Recording Studio at Zeewolde, The Netherlands

Mixing by Ferry Dinkelaar

Mastered at Amsterdam Mastering at Diemen, The Netherlands

Mastering engineer Darius van Helfteren

Copyright Ron Lindeman 2014

Produced by Purple Melody Productions  in 2014

Purple Melody Productions

Blauwe Pan 10


The Netherlands.

Mobile  : 0031(0)610407071

Website : www.purplemelodyproductions.com

Email : info@purplemelodyproductions.com

IBAN Bank account number: NL18INGB0006370365

Chamber of Commerce ( Almere) number: 59780983

VAT number: 853641705B01

You can order using PayPal.

You can also order using the bank account number. ( don’t forget to mention an address!)


Purple Melody Productions

Blauwe Pan 10



Mobiel: 0031(0)610407071

Website: www.purplemelodyproductions.com

Email: info@purplemelodyproductions.com

IBAN Bankrekeningnummer: NL18INGB0006370365

KvK nummer ( Almere): 59780983

BTW nummer: 853641705B01

U kunt bestellen met PayPal.

U kunt ook bestellen  via het bankrekeningnummer. ( Vergeet niet een adres te vermelden! )

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De prijs is inclusief BTW.

De prijs is 14,99 Euro voor Europa.

Paypal zet de munteenheid van uw land automatisch om.

Dus kunt u gemakkelijk en veilig kopen vanuit

welk land dan ook waar u woont !

BELANGRIJK:Alstublieft, vergeet u niet om uw

(post)adres in te vullen!

Verzendkosten zijn ook inbegrepen in de prijs.

You can buy the Physical CD NOW!

You can pay with Paypal.

Price is VAT  included.

The price is 14,99 Euro  for Europe.

Paypal does automatically convert the currency

used in your country.

So you can easily and savely buy from whatever

country you live in!

IMPORTANT: Please don’t forget to fill in your (postal) address!

Shipping costs  are also included in the price.


De fysieke CD is ook te koop via Bol.com of te downloaden via één van de onderstaande links.

The CD Album is also for sale at Bol.com or you can download it via one the links below.

From Package


Basepoint Media


24/7 Entertainment

Sony Qriocity





JB Hi-Fi

Hard to Find Records





Amazon On Demand

This picture I got from mastering engineer Darius van Helfteren of Amsterdam Mastering at Diemen, The Netherlands.  Darius did the mastering of the tracks for my CD Ron Lindeman The Story Songs.

Darius worked for 8 years at the famous Wisseloord Studios at Hilversum in The Netherlands before starting his own Amsterdam Mastering studio. Here Darius is holding my CD which he mastered.

Deze foto kreeg ik van mastering engineer Darius van Helfteren van Amsterdam Mastering te Diemen in Nederland. Darius heeft de mastering gedaan van de tracks op mijn CD Ron Lindeman The Story Songs. Darius heeft 8 jaar gewerkt in de beroemde Wisseloord Studios in Hliversum in Nederland voordat hij zijn eigen Amsterdam Mastering studio begon. Hier houdt Darius mijn CD vast die hij heeft gemastered.  

Here I am at the Mediasaloon Recording Studio at Zeewolde in The Netherlands together with music arranger and sound engineer Ferry Dinkelaar (at the left) and with composer and sound engineer René Groeneveld (at the right) when I presented them a copy of my CD album Ron Lindeman The Story Songs. They were very pleased with the end result!

Hier ben ik in de Mediasaloon Recording Studio in Zeewolde in Nederland samen met arrangeur en geluids- en opnametechnicus Ferry Dinkelaar (links) en met componist en geluids- en opnametechnicus René Groeneveld (rechts) toen ik  hun een exemplaar van mijn CD Ron Lindeman The Story Songs presenteerde. Ze waren erg tevreden met het eind resultaat!

Just as with music I have a wide and broad interest in all types and styles of painting.  And as ….

Ron Lindeman on Art.

Music to me is by definition emotions. A song is an island filled with deep emotions and feelings and a ....

On making music

Recording Day 19 Mediasaloon Recording Studio.

The first CD of Ron Lindeman: The

Story Songs

Read more about….

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Writing is a creative process just as making music and painting is.

Writing in this sense brings to mind books and in particular novels.

Ron Lindeman on Books

Read more ....

As an artist painter Ron can paint portraits on commission or murals or paint music instruments and so on. He also makes free paintings.

He works with acryllic paint or oil paint.

Als kunstschilder kan Ron portretten schilderen op commissie of muurschilderingen of muziekinstrumenten beschilderen. Hij maakt ook vrije schilderijen.

Hij werkt met acrylverf of olieverf.

Ron also organizes music events such as Singer songwriter Events, Open Mic Nights, company parties and private parties and so on. Hij sets up the PA system and takes care of the sound.

Ron organiseert en verzorgt ook muziek events zoals Singer songwriters Events, Open Mic Nights, bedrijfsfeesten en privé feesten e.d. Hij installeert daarbij de geluidsapparatuur en verzorgt het geluid.

Ron has experience as a radio host. Hosting his own live radio show called MusicMagic he interviewed Singer songwriters and bands and they were able to perform their own original songs.

Ron heeft ervaring als radioprogramma presentator. Hij presenteerde zijn eigen radioprogramma genaamd Musicmagic waar hij Singer songwriters en bands interviewde en deze konden dan hun eigen originele songs vertolken.

Music is important in Ron’s life.

Music is way to commusicate and to express one’s feelings.

And above all: Music is emotion!

Muziek is belangrijk in het leven van Ron. Muziek is een manier om te communiceren en om je gevoelens te uiten.

Boven alles: Muziek is emotie!