Nil volentibus arduum Nothing is impossible  for those who want to.

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Butterflys out your head


950,- euro

Gurdiain angels


950,- euro

Guardian Angels

From your first breath

Till your last breath

You have angels

With you as friends

Learn to listen

To their advice

Learn to feel

With your emotions

Walk in the line

Of your life.


Butterfly in your body

So beautiful the butterfly

In your belly

Heart and head

Butterflies make

You float

And everything is beautiful

Butterflies in your belly

Heart and head

Then suddenly

Someone pulls out the wings

Wings are gone

And the butterfly

Doesn’t fly anymore


the butterfly

Out of your head

Belly and out

Of your heart

The butterfly

Dies a thousand deaths




2250,- euro

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450,- euro


There you stand

In freedom

But not yet

So long not free

Looked at by many

Condemned by

The free man

Know that you

In your heart


Have a beautiful place

Called home

Outside is in there


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Always in your Heart


1250,- euro

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450,- euro

Always in your Heart

A beloved lost

Brutally torn from your life

How to go on

Without you

Forgotten, so afraid

Your voice, your face

Your name is out

Of my thoughts

Alive in my heart

And flowing through my blood

You will always be with me


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250,- euro

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Safe haven.


2200,- euro

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1650,- euro

Safe haven.

That deserves every child

A stable life

Full of Trust

And Love

No hunger

No abuse

No sorrow

Love Color

And Music

Pure from Nature

Clean air

Magnificent forests

Full of life

Every human being

Looks for

A Safe haven


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70x60cm 3D

650,- euro

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Bricked feeling.



450,- euro


Trough life

Full of people

Full of colors

Straight through your life

Through pain and grief

Carried the

Scar of your life

And go on

With all your colors

The strength to blur your scars




575,- euro

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Try to fit in.

3luik 3x 30x40cm

1250,- euro

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In transport frame


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The Face


View at the Moezel

1250,- euro

     Exposities van LaReinaWilleke                      *LRW*

Boven: Schilderij geschonken aan Kids Say No ter veiling tijdens de Radio Marathon Uitzending van Radio Katwijk.

Above: Painting donated to the Kids Say No Foundation for an auction during NonStop Radio Broadcast of Radio Katwijk.

Expositie in het Hilton Paris Orly Airport Hotel te Parijs, december 2016 tot januari 2017.

Exposition in the Hilton Paris Orly Airport Hotel in Paris, December 2016 till January 2017.

Expositie in CafeOp2 te Almere 2016.

Exposition in CafeOp2 in Almere 2016.

Expositie ter ere van “20 jaar na de val van de Berlijnse muur” in de bibliotheek te Almere. Er is ook een boekje gemaakt genaamd Vrijheid, en daar staat het schilderij in met een gedicht wat ik er speciaal voor heb geschreven.

Exposition in honor of “20 Years after the fall of the Berlin Wall” in the library of Almere. There was also a booklet made called Freedom, in which is a picture of the painting with a poem I wrote especially for it.

Meerdere exposities in het Stadhuis van Almere. Ook heeft LaReinaWilleke een schilderij gemaakt speciaal voor het Stadhuis, het hangt in de Witte Kamer.

Multiple expositions in the Town Hall of Almere. LareinaWilleke also made a paiting especially for the Town Hall, it hangs in the socalled White Room.

Decor expositie ter ere van Modeshow.

Expositie in Avanti te Almere.

Exposition in Avanti in Almere.

De 1ste Kunstroute van Almere waaraan LaReinaWilleke meedeed.

The First Art Route of Almere LareinaWilleke participated in.

Een schilderij wat gemaakt is voor de ouders en familie van Milly Boele, het vermoorde meisje te Dordrecht. LaReinawilleke en Ron Lindeman schilderde dit prachtige schilderij samen.LaReinaWilleke ontwierp het geheel en Ron Lindeman schilderde het portret van Milly erop.

De video laat u zien hoe het tot stand kwam, en het moment dat het werd aangeboden aan de familie tijdens de Ride Out voor Milly Boele met honderden motorrijders.

A painting which was made for the parents and family of Milly Boele, the girl murdered in Dordrecht. LaReinaWilleke and Ron Lindeman painted this beautiful painting together. LaReinaWilleke designed the entire concept and Ron Lindeman painted the portrait of Milly on it.

The video shows how it was made, and the moment when it was presented to the family during a ride-out for Milly Boele with hundreds of bikers.

Expositie op de Netwerk Borrel te Aalsmeer.

Exposition at a Networking Meeting in Aalsmeer.

Expositie bij Kinderopvang Polly te Utrecht.

Exposition at Childcare Polly in Utrecht.

Kunstmarkt te Delden.

Art market in Delden.

Portret van de Kunstenaar Fred van der Wal.

Portrait of the artist Fred van der Wal.

Onderstaande Schiderijen zijn te koop.

The paintings below are for sale.

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Purple Melody Productions has contracted artist painter LaReinaWilleke and is now officially representing and selling the artwork and paintings of artist painter LaReinaWilleke.

Rock of strength.


€ 2800,- Euro

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Future trees.

100x50cm in Frame 3D   

For sale  3250,- euro

I make non-figurative art.

I use elements from real live though as motives in my paintings.

Could be human or animal figures, flowers, buildings, mountains or whatever comes in my mind when I start my first sketch on the canvas.

I try to create a balance in my painting using forms, colours and composition.

I use primary colours but also mixed colours and also bronze and gold.

Everything I do when I make a painting springs from my inner emotions, from my inner awareness, from my heart and soul.

I feel a painting and I don't stop till I feel it's okay.

I stop when I feel that the painting is in balance.

I can't exactly explain.

It just happens.

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Backpack of life.


950,- euro

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Do you her the children…


2250,- euro

Do you hear it?

The asking

Of attention

The contradiction

The intense grief

Do you hear it?

Yes, but just

Like so many

You look away

Away from the children’s grief

What by

Adult people

Is caused to the children

Sometimes a handful

Get up

And stand in front of the child

And protect the child

With everything

within reach

And sometimes

Just sometimes

With really everything


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Butterfly  Birth


250,- euro.

Butterflt Birth

New life

Wisdom offered

Leaving the cocoon

Discover your colors

Birth from

A new life

WFCMM@2015 mei

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Butterfly of Life.


In wooden transport frame

€ 2750,- Euro

Butterfly of Life.

Pure as a seed

Swimming high and fast

Looking into the world

With a blank feeling.

Fly along rivers and valleys

Visit sea and beach

enjoy nature

Live your pure emotion

Watch with eyes open

And swift as a Butterfly passing through life.


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Hidden sea life.


425,- euro

Hidden sealife

So deep

No human being can see

Dark depths

Filled with Beauty

Deep within yourself

In your own

Dark corners

There is also so much

Beauty to find

One must

Want to see it.


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Safe the planet


1250,- euro

Garden of life.


1250,- euro

Safe the planet

Be good to what we have

Where we live upon, this planet

Stop building so gratuitous

Be careful

With what we still have

Give each other space

In life

Be economical with what

We now still have

Be good to upon wich you live

Eat and live together

Man and animal  in nature

Safe the planet


Garden of Life

The 12 months

The year in the garden

Full of life and color

The 4 seasons

With each of their

Own beauty

Pure nature

Life, colored days

Months and years

Sometimes with dark clouds

Full of weed

And yet coloured

Let your garden

Feed itself

With colour and scent

Pure nature


The way home.


550,- euro


The way home

Searching for direction

Fly out and discover

The world around you


I mostly already have some vague idea about what I have in mind when I start a painting.

That's just a basic idea.

It differs.

Sometimes I get an idea about a person I met or saw.

Or sometimes I get an idea about something human or human interaction.

Like human violence, child abuse, solitude, war, etc.

I look for things I can use as motives in my painting.

I can't just simply copy a vase with flowers or a cow or dog or person.

That doesn't give me any inspiration at all.

Inspiration for me mostly comes from human interactions, what human beings do to each other.

That yields me emotions and my emotions mostly trigger my inspiration.

The inspiration shows itself while I work on my painting in the way I use my materials and colours and I compose the motives in to a composition on the canvas  I like.

I can get my best ideas out of the blue.

Not necessarily when I'm depressed or feeling bad.

Sometimes I walk around with an idea and then it might take a while before it's actually so far developed in my mind that I start doing it, I mean start making the painting.

I don't think anyone can say when best ideas come to mind.

Personally feelings play a great part when I get my ideas.

I don't actually evaluate whether an idea is good or bad.

An idea is just an idea to start painting.

Once I've started the painting I go on till I feel it's finished.

And then I can get a bad feeling about it and start changing it.

Or not.

Ideas can be important as to motivate yourself to start painting.

When you paint figurative and have something, an idea, in your mind which you have to draw in details it must be different.

In the way I paint and create my paintings that's less the case.

But I guess that you can only evaluate your idea when the painting is finished.

If it's bad maybe it's because the idea was lousy.

If it turned out beautiful then maybe your idea was good, ha,ha,ha!

I don't have a specific message.

Or maybe a message could be in some paintings I make when I am inspired by what humans do to each other.

Violence, war, greed, exploitation, etc.

But then I can only hope that the viewer can see that "message" hidden in the painting.

Or maybe not.

I do hope that the viewer gets feelings while watching my paintings and hopefully that they like my paintings.

Behind my work often hides a feeling.

A feeling about someone I saw, or a situation.

These feelings give me thoughts, ideas, contemplations and above all emotions.

I use form, colour and composition to express my emotions into my paintings.

Besides that, I make paintings in wich I try to create a colourful and positive atmosphere.

In such a way that a painting by LaReinaWilleke can be a nice addition to decorating your home or company.

Maybe that's a message?

All my paintings are unique.

They're painted on canvas.

I use acrylic paint and modellingpaste.

Characteristic for all of my paintings are high-relief style because of the modellingpaste I use and the bronze and goldpaint used.

I started painting some decades ago and had to learn to develop myself.

And I mean artistically and that's mostly an inner and intuitive process.

In doing so I found that I slowly began to see myself as an artist when I noticed that what I was doing, what I was creating on the canvas, became better.

I noticed that because people, strangers, began to like my paintings.

That was an eye-opener.

But hey, you can see yourself as an artist, but you must always work on becoming a better artist than you are at the moment you see yourself as an artist.

So actually you can not really see yourself as an artist.

Other people see you as an artist.

I see myself as creator of my personal paintings in my personal style.

When other people tell me I'm artist I feel flattered.

Making art is an emotional thing.

It involves your emotions.

The creative process is the opposite of the cold analytical thinking process.

If you're really deep into making, creating art, then you become emotional.

It influences your personality.

As an artist and painter I am sometimes really caught or driven by my emotions while I am painting.

But when I don't do that I can easily think in an analytical way.

But as an artist I might be a little more impulsive than other people perhaps.

If you look up the definition of "postmodern" in Wikipedia you get three different definitions and descriptions in the English, German and French version.

That's to illustrate that it’s not even possible to define uniformly such a period, direction or style in art history.

That's only important if you yourself wish to be placed into such a box.

If that matters to you as an artist.

It doesn't matter to me personally.

I'm not busy rationalizing my artwork.

When Van Gogh was alive all art-scholars thought him to be a lunatic and bad painter.

Even the Dutch who maybe a century later built a special museum to honour him and now call him an icon in art history.

So I don't bother to get into the type or sort of "school", "direction" or  "style" I belong or don't belong.

I make my own art in my own way.

How should art be evaluated?

You must first define what art is and that might be more complicated than at a first thought.

Art is something subjective.

It is subject to the personal taste of the one who observes a work of art.

One might like the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, another might like the work of August Renoir, another Pablo Picasso, another Karel Appel, and so on.

And those artists all painted in a different fashion.

In the old days there were strict rules for composition and perspective.

Figures had to be positioned in a specific way on the canvas and that would be the correct way and the same counts for the rules of perspective.

Nowadays it doesn't matter if you wish to paint half a head on the left side of the canvas and a leg on the right side of the canvas and a yellow square in the middle and since Pablo Picasso started his Cubism the rules of perspective didn't really matter anymore.

You can do it right or do it wrong and when you do it wrong it might be intentionally done so by the artist.

So how to judge whether a work of art is good or bad?

Maybe it's just the "click" you get when you watch an artwork.

Something that gives you this "wow-feeling".

Think of a soccer match and imagine how 22 players run across the field after a ball.

And among them one player attracts attention, because of the way he moves, the way he plays the ball, so graciously.

He doesn't even run fast, doesn't score much.

But when you see him play there's something that makes him rise high above the other players.

It's the  "click" you get when you watch him play.

You don't even need to like soccer.

It's an indefinable quality that makes it a pleasure to watch him.

That's how you perhaps can evaluate the work of an artist.

Look for the "click" or the "wow-feeling" or that "undefined quality".

I hope that among my paintings there will be works that will give people such "wow-feelings"!

Wow, Art is so subjective. What is art to one person maybe junk to another.

It depends on what style and direction in art you are.

There are dozens of totally different art-style and directions in art.

Figurative, non-figurative, renaissance, baroque, rococo, expressionism, impressionism, cubism, fauvism, Der Blaue Reiter, Bauhaus, action-painting, Cobra, surrealism, meta-realism, pop-art, digital art, etc, etc, etc.

People who like only figurative art may not like non-figurative modern art.

People who like pastel colours may like the impressionists but may dislike the work of Paul Klee or Jackson Pollock. It's all about the personal taste of people.

There is no precise definition of what "art" is.

Art can trigger emotions in the hearts of people.

Or people can just try by cold mental reasoning to find an explanation for themselves when they watch a modern artwork they don't understand.

For one person art can be emotions and for another person the philosophy behind the artwork is more important than the artwork itself.

Art could well be emotions!

To me it is .

To me art is emotions.

As an artist I try to develop myself and evolve.

You can’t stand still, you have to move on.

Your ideas, your techniques, the way you work, your artistic instincts, intuition, everything.

If you stand still you'll deteriorate or at least your artistic abilities will I think.

Is art necessary?

If you create art it must be a definite "yes".

Though strictly taken art isn't a primary necessity to stay alive.

I mean, food, water, clothes, a roof above your head are basic necessities.

If you're an art lover you might also say "yes".

Art and culture are necessary.

I'm an artist and I know there are people who really don't care at all about art.

They consider an illustration from a children's book to be "cute".

They have no notion of and no interest in art.

Just to keep things in balance art is necessary.

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