I took an old nylon string guitar and removed the top finish and sanded and scoured it and I applied a layer of Gesso primer on it that I used as the basis to make a painting on. Then I made a fantasy drawing and painted that using acrylic paint. After that I applied acrylic varnish on the painting and painted the back, sides and neck purple. I also made a gold paint motif on the back. If you are interested in something like this or any other art painting on your guitar, you can contact me via ronlindeman@gmail.com.

I am also a painter.

I can make any painting in any size on any material.

I can make portraits or landscapes or free fantasy paintings.

I use acrylic or oil paint.

Mostly on canvas.

I also do guitar art.

I can  make a beautiful art object of your guitar !

You can contact me through info@purplemelodyproductions.com or ronlindeman@gmail.com

Purple Melody Productions @ 2014 Ron Lindeman

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I also do restoration projects of damaged paintings.

This is an example of a damaged painting

That has been restored by me. This was an

oil painting on canvas.

Art for sale

Artworks by LaReinaWilleke

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